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How A Draft Bank Helped Me…

And How Could Help You Too…

I’ve lately found a great idea last month.

My publishing dates are the worst of all. I actually haven’t understood how to actually schedule your posts so that they have gaps.

The publications are tearing my timelines apart as they publish whenever they want.

I expect them to take time and publish, and they publish it on the same day. And sometimes when I expect them to hurry up, they take almost a week to get my post out.

This pattern had confused me and I wasn’t able to decide that when was I supposed to write?

Earlier, I would write a draft after a post would get accepted in a pub. This method blew my posting schedule to bits. Some posts came with the gap of 1 day, some with 3, some with 7 and some on the same day!

Things got worse when I was out for 3 days and had left my laptop at home. When I came back, a post had been already published and it was 3 days since then with no activity.

I had no drafts to submit.

I was bankrupt.

I found myself back on the streets.

😢 😢 😢

Draft Bank

While I was delving into my archive for old posts to republish, my Mom was talking about a famous TV show.

As she talked, she mentioned a great strategy which these TV shows use. Before coming live on the television, they shoot a few hundred episodes to roll them out bit by bit.

So if you’re seeing a kid taking birth today on TV, he must have actually died by now. They’re way too ahead. And still they face crisis at unfortunate times. Some of their actors fall ill and they have to manage the serial with other lame episodes.

I decided to apply the strategy.

I stopped caring about publishing for a few days. I started reading more and more content on Medium and appreciated the writers.

I wrote 4 drafts and edited them from tip to bottom. I picked one draft from my archive and edited it shortly.

I dug all my old ideas that I wanted to write on, and wrote on them. I wasn’t yet submitting any of them to publications.

My mind used to keep telling me to finally start publishing. But I ignored it. I wanted to test this strategy.

I would keep telling myself that I had to be patient. Hurry was going to take me nowhere.


So I somehow stood against the huge waves of my mind, with my draft bank steady.

When I saw that I had 5 drafts, 2–3 times reviewed ones, I took a deep breathe. I was ready to free my drafts, so that they could celebrate their life and make a difference on the internet.

Let the posts roll out!

The posts started rolling out to publications. And I would submit the articles keeping a gap of at least 36 hours.

My timings started to get better and more aligned. Posts were rolling out at the right time. I had also started getting a better idea of each publications’ publishing schedules.

So there were two parallel departments running. One of writing new stories and adding them to the draft bank. Editing and refining old drafts. And keeping a track of publishing timings and stuff.

Shoot! Three departments, right. Not two.

How A Draft Bank Helped Me In My Tough Times

For around a week, I was on a holiday last month. A few weeks later, a few decisions regarding my future education were made that affected my routine a lot.

I got tossed away from writing. But for several days, the draft bank helped me. Although the timing didn’t go great. Posts were getting published at 1-day gaps or 2-day gaps.

The small gaps resulted in the quick leakage of my bank. But it kept the account active for days. All I had to do was come and hit publish. Simple.

Till today, there have been no huge gaps between my articles. I have already submitted one. And this is a new one I’m working on since there are no more articles left to publish! 😜


Have some ammunition to start with. Starting with one or two bullets seems a bad approach to me.

You fire one bullet, then you look for the others. By the time you’ll be ready, you’ll find a bullet already buried into you.

Damn it! I’ve been shot!

So take some time to try this out.

People say that you should publish more often per week. That’s not completely true. Publish three articles.

It’s fine.

But be consistent and on time.

So aim…AND FIRE!

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